the list

The point of this blog is to chronicle my desperate attempt to grow (up), change, mature and become a better version of myself. Every month, I’m going to have a new BIG GOAL and I hope you join me to figure out how to get it all done…

Every month, I want to:

  • write a chapter, with at least 1500 words per week (on this or another writing project)
  • finish a sewing or knitting project
  • learn to cook something new
  • do something nice for someone I love

As time goes by, I hope to add to my monthly to-do list.

Each month, I will have a new big thing to get done:

  • January’s BIG accomplishment was setting up this blog. Probably doesn’t seem that big to anyone else but things just got real!
  • February’s BIG accomplishment will be writing and submitting something to an application / scholarship competition for a creative writing course in the city…
  • March…
  • April…
  • May…
  • June… get called to the bar!
  • July..
  • August… learn to quilt?
  • September… start Etsy store?
  • October…
  • November
  • December…

The rest of it, let’s just figure out as we go…


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