work out clothes fabric!


Got my fabric for my work out clothes! I’m really excited. I was trolling the Fabricland sale section, and found some purple knit for a short top (I’m thinking sports-bra style), a lovely grey t-shirt fabric with purple flowers for a tank top, and a striped light / dark grey knit for a little hoodie.

I couldn’t find the right jersey for yoga pants, though. I did find some black nylon / spandex in the remnants section that I picked up but I’m not sure if I’ll be using it for work out clothes or for another project…

Anyway, this is my color palette! If I actually ever head to the gym, I plan to add with some more greys, and some bright greens and yellows 🙂

Excited to sew! Still not so sure about the whole running and sweating bit, though…


work out clothes!

With my attempt to complete a sewing or knitting project every month, I’ve decided I need to plan better. I have some unfinished items hanging around my room for occasions or seasons that came and went. Now I’m thinking of the huge closet of fabric I have and what I can make for the upcoming season…

I signed up for the gym (have to fill out those membership forms!) but the work out clothes I’ve seen have been a bit pricey for me…

So, I think I’ll be adding work-out clothes to the to-do list of things to sew. I’m feeling especially inspired by Adidas by Stella McCartney, and the lovely lines in Titika’s (Fall / Winter 2013-2014) Collection.

I really like the Stella gym bag… so bright and cute!

I’ve never done active wear before, so it’ll be a challenge, even for finding the right kinds of fabrics and colors… Wish me luck!

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