Why an African American Human Torch is Important, or Comic Fans are Racist and Kinda Unimportant

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Wake up world, Black actor Michael B. Jordan has been cast as Johnny Storm (a.k.a. the Human Torch) in the upcoming reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise. The hurricane of controversy, and all the requisite ridiculous and racist comments have begun, and will keep flowing, until, or course, the movie comes out, at which point people will go see it no matter how incensed or infuriated they are. And you know what? I don’t care if anyone is incensed, infuriated, or inconsolable about a Black actor being cast in a fictional role of a character that is known to be White. Really, honestly, and truly, I don’t care at all. That is not, however, going to stop me from addressing a few issues.

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On Thursday, I went to Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto with my sister, my boyfriend and his sister. My sister loves animals, animal planet and shark week (ahhh!) so we had a lot of fun walking through all of the exhibits. We even touched a horseshoe crab, and pet a little shark!

I was feeling pretty inspired after the trip, especially seeing all the bright colors…

Tropical section!

Tropical section!

All the lovely patterns…


From the way she swims, I’m thinking striped chiffon…

We called this the Chanel-ray

We called this the Chanel-ray

Who knew piranhas were so glamorous? Red, green and gold glitter!

Who knew piranhas were so glamorous? Red, green and gold glitter!

And all the interesting shapes…

Flying through the water

Flying through the water

Seadragon looking so delicate

Seadragon looking so delicate

And especially the shape and look of the moon jellyfish…


How can you not feel recharged after a day like that?

The only thing that left me a bit uneasy were the sharks…



all the sharks…



all the huge sharks…



They look even bigger from the top of the tank, and I was so sure one would jump up and bite off my sister’s hand. Ahhh!

Did I mention I hate sharks..

Did I mention I hate sharks..

work out clothes fabric!


Got my fabric for my work out clothes! I’m really excited. I was trolling the Fabricland sale section, and found some purple knit for a short top (I’m thinking sports-bra style), a lovely grey t-shirt fabric with purple flowers for a tank top, and a striped light / dark grey knit for a little hoodie.

I couldn’t find the right jersey for yoga pants, though. I did find some black nylon / spandex in the remnants section that I picked up but I’m not sure if I’ll be using it for work out clothes or for another project…

Anyway, this is my color palette! If I actually ever head to the gym, I plan to add with some more greys, and some bright greens and yellows 🙂

Excited to sew! Still not so sure about the whole running and sweating bit, though…

Brasil 2014!!

I’m going to BRASIL!!! For the FIFA World Cup!! Just got my game tickets, so excited!! Any tips on Salvador in the summer?

I’ve mostly been researching Recife sharks and scaring myself to death. Did I mention I went to the aquarium and saw sharks in real life? I’m definitely not into repeating that experience in the open water.. ahhh!

But, anyway, OLE ARGENTINA! I’m so excited! 😀

And of course this also means… new swimsuit!


this morning my mood was donald oconnors glasses when he first appears in Call Me Madam.

but tonight my mood is more like nessarose’s feet at the beginning of the Wizard of Oz.

cafe au lait scarf!

I have begun a new knitting project… It is still pretty cold here, so why not go for something quick and easy that will take me into the spring, pair nicely with a trenchcoat, or with a sweater dress and blazer, or with jeans and a shirt for an evening out with my beau?

Here’s a sneak peak:


So far, just the cafe, but the au lait will be joined in soon enough – probably looped into an infinity scarf. I’m using Lion Bran Wool-Ease, which has just the right amount of sparkle! I kind of made the pattern up as I went, but it’s looking like criss-crossing lines bordered by stockinette stitch and a 1 st. cable on either side.


work out clothes!

With my attempt to complete a sewing or knitting project every month, I’ve decided I need to plan better. I have some unfinished items hanging around my room for occasions or seasons that came and went. Now I’m thinking of the huge closet of fabric I have and what I can make for the upcoming season…

I signed up for the gym (have to fill out those membership forms!) but the work out clothes I’ve seen have been a bit pricey for me…

So, I think I’ll be adding work-out clothes to the to-do list of things to sew. I’m feeling especially inspired by Adidas by Stella McCartney, and the lovely lines in Titika’s (Fall / Winter 2013-2014) Collection.

I really like the Stella gym bag… so bright and cute!

I’ve never done active wear before, so it’ll be a challenge, even for finding the right kinds of fabrics and colors… Wish me luck!


Floral Dress, Red Valentino – via style.com


I am loving the Red Valentina collection on display at style.com . The floral dresses, with their full, gathered skirts, are so cute. With some more length (or on a short girl like me), they would be so office appropriate for the spring with a blazer or the right scarf. 🙂

Throwback: izmaylova dress

It has been a hectic February! I was out of town for work and it has been just an exhausting return. I am behind on posts for February and for January…

So I thought I’d do a quick throwback Thursday look at my Old Years Night dress of 2012 that I made inspired by an izmaylova dress worn by Vanessa Hudgens in glow magazine (the Dahlia dress). It has a great sheath dress style silhouette with side cut outs, and lace at the neckline for a sheer look.

The Dahlia dress by Izmaylova, via their style blog

I decided to construct my own version by combining an adjusting two patterns  I already had – one for a princess seam sheath (for the lace and main body), and a strapless bodice to guide the shape of the top under the lace bodice. Back then, I did not have this helpful image compilation so I kind of had to guess at parts of the construction.


My version was made from lace, an off white knit and I used beads instead of feathers:


Maybe not as glamorous as the real deal, but I was happy with how it turned out, especially being able to control the size of cut-outs and the length of the skirt. I also think the champagne and amber – toned browns looked nice with my skin.


I wore it to an Old Years Night event with friends where we danced our feet off 🙂

dumplings, dumplin’!

Jerk chicken noodle soup with potatoes and dumplings!

Jerk chicken noodle soup with potatoes and dumplings!

January’s almost over, and I am just barely squeezing in my cooking lesson for the month!

Since it’s freezing cold out, and there’s left over jerk chicken in the fridge, I thought I’d make a tried and true day-after dish that’ll warm me right up. Jerk chicken noodle soup!

I make this soup with leftover jerk chicken (in small chunks), a chopped up potato, a pack of Mr. Noodle noodles, and a dash each of allspice, cloves, nutmeg and paprika. The jerk chicken is made with soy sauce, worcester sauce, Grace jerk sauce, pepper, onion and thyme – so it’s already loaded with flavor, so I opt out of fresh seasoning for the soup. This quick dinner is based on this Adorkable recipe, which is in turn based on Rachel Ray’s recipe of the same name.

Anyway, for this month, I have learned to cook dumplings for my soup! As it turns out, the dumpling recipe is pretty easy and delicious, and made by my mom.

Without further ado – here it is!

Momma’s Dumplings!


1/2 c. all purpose flour

1/2 c. whole wheat flour

1 1/2 tsp. baking powder

dash of salt

1 1/2 tbsp. butter

1/4 c. water (or less – based on dough consistency!)


Add dry ingredients (flour, flour, baking powder, dash of salt) to a bowl.

Add butter. Mush together – will be slightly crumbly, but not doughy.

Add half the amount of water and stir (I stirred in the centre, and it quickly came together as a dough). Add more water until dough is a soft (but dry) consistency.

Pinch off little chunks, roll into balls, and drop into soup when it’s almost done cooking but still at a boil. Cover to steam for about 3-5 minutes.

Ta-da! Done!

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