writing isn’t what it seems…

Hello, everyone!

In keeping with my goals, I have been writing and reading quite a bit, usually during my commute to work, but also sometimes when I get home in the evenings.

I’m thinking of revising my original goal of – what was it? – 1500 words a week? A chapter a month? The reason I’m considering this (I promise, I’m not quitting!) is because writing is becoming, again (happily), less of a pour-water-in-the-glass practice, and more of a wash-the-windows practice. Instead of starting from the bottom, chapter by chapter, and reaching the top; it’s been more of a one-scene-here-and-there kind of process. Lots of fun, leads to much better writing. The only problem is, for the purpose of project me, it’s a bit hard to keep track of. Will I finish a solid chapter at the end of the month? unlikely. Will I have written about 6000 words? Maybeeeee. Especially if you consider I’ve been bouncing around between stories (slightly less happy about that…)

As for the reading, this month’s book is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. So far, I’m really enjoying it. I’ll admit, the writing at first was a bit unnerving for me, before I realized (duh) that those are her carefully crafted characters coming to life. This isn’t how she writes, per se, but how her characters do – how they think, how they express themselves. Interestingly, they’re both also writers.

I’ve also picked up (squeal!) House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski whose subsequent work, only revolutions, I could barely make a dent in. This one looks a bit more consumable, so I’m hoping it will be my February read 🙂

No updates on sewing or cooking yet, sadly! My few forays into the kitchen have all been tried and trues, so far. Well, I did make dumplings for the first time, but those hardly count!

Anyway… I’m off to dinner with friends. Let’s hope the next blog post is less awkward, more inspiring, and all around a better record of where we’re at. Thanks for sticking with me!




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